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Scottsdale, AZ
"(President) of the Delyric Brand/Delyric Ent, Delyric Oracle, (Alexandra De Scheel) CEO-Founder (Making the underdog the TOP DOG.) 22+ Years in business/music entertainment. Branding/marketing/sales guru. Owner: @KlickJam Partner: @JackFruitStudios "
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Another day in the life! ❤

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KlickJam JackfruitStudios Delyric

I have loved #Sperrys since I can remember. My father Kirk Young had the originals before there was everything available currently. I got my first pair when I was 15 years old. They also were the classic leather backs. Currently, I have a pair of the classics & the #TopSiders (grey, blue & white). For Christmas I will being getting the #Prep mens edition because I absolutely love them! I literally can say I walk in my fathers shoes, footsteps. Also, since I was kid, he taught me how to be really good in sales, in which I do now including marketing & branding. I have been in the music/entertainment industry for over 22 years & my Sperrys take me to every event, convention, VIP party, etc! My wife Alexandra De Scheel is also actually the Hiphop mogul (Delyric Oracle), she loves that I wear Sperrys. To the Sperrys tradition, I was definitely born with a strong love for the sea. My late Grandfather who was a WW2 Hero who I miss dearly & my father would always have me at the marinas wither we were about to set sail or, go on a fishing boat to catch delicious rock fish in which, we would bring home for my mother Donna Young to cook a delicious home cooked meal. She also would always love the fact I would wear Sperrys. There are so many life stories I could share from being on the beaches of Ocean City, MD where I grew up each summer on family vacations to climbing rocks to view a famous historical lighthouse in the UP of Michigan, to being in the US Navy 03-07 aboard the USS Enterprise, to where Sperrys were with me each step of the way. #Sperry, what makes me #SperryMerry is a very strong yet simple answer & that is my #FAMILY season round. Family is everything to me during the holidays. I wear Sperrys because I was never with the trends such as Nikes etc. Not only do they go with me everywhere I travel in this world, but, they go with me to remember the fond moments, cherished memories throughout life & with my family.

Merry Christmas,
-Adam Young
@Sperry, @Sperrys, @Sperry Sailing

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"Recognize who's down for you & who's down for the moment."

"Self discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it! Whether you feel like it or not!”

"Being a chef I noticed a lot of the kitchen world translates to the industry/business world as a whole. For example: When you deal a regular customer a plate that has been on the menu for months & this plate is not setup as it's supposed to be. IE: presentation is off, sauce is not to the right tasting, ingredients missing, the chicken is undercooked (Culinary suicide), the side-dish is cold, etc. What will this customer do (most likely)? He/she will complain right? What happens when a customer complains & is unsatisfied & doesn't receive the normal service that they are used to? Does the complaining just stop there in the restaurant? Of course not, they will run off & tell everyone they see for the remainder of the night & probably the next day. What does this tell you? Consistency is key right? If you conduct bad business, continously scamming people left & right how far do you think your business will go? Will it ever be allowed to reach the top? Treat your clients with the respect they deserve! Remember, they walked though your office/restaurant doors by choice! Or, you had a really good sales pitch/opportunity - "dish" for them that gained you their business. Continue to show them that & grow a beautiful business relationship! Remember the customer is always right!"

"When a person becomes irrelevant, keep them irrelevant! They became irrelevant for a reason! Move forward with your goals-dreams & receive your blessings with open arms! If you deal with an irrelevant person that can cause distractions & cause you to tense up (closed arms) making you miss the blessings that you were supposed to be destined to receive! Remember at times it may hurt (pinch) & you completely don't understand why you moved forward and they stayed behind. Not even necessarily behind; GOD mainly just broke that connection & sent you on different paths from each other. Remember, it was for a reason!
Keep it there & receive your blessings to come."

Women... Do not be ashamed to fart in front of your man... 🤣
Let it rip 💨

Let this visual speak.

KlickJam JackfruitStudios Delyric

"Caring about what people think of you is useless, most people don't even know what they think of themselves."

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