Mr. Delyric

Scottsdale, AZ
"(President) of the Delyric Brand/Delyric Ent, Delyric Oracle, (Alexandra de Scheel) CEO-Founder. Slogan: (Making the underdog the TOP DOG). 22+ Years in business/music entertainment. Branding/marketing/sales expert. Social Media: @Delyric Owner: @Klickjam"
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This world is so fucking disgusting, some bitch on MSNBC said Los Angeles n******.... this bitch needs to be canceled immediately!!!

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Literally just had a jar of salsa grenade our kitchen & cover our Bengal in salsa, spent a good bit of an hour cleaning it up, it was everywhere, on the ceiling, under the oven... it went everywhere, it just hit my house shoes, thankfully I had just taken my brand new red Sperry 's off. 😂😂😂😂😂

"If you aren't 100% confident in the product you represent, why are you representing that product? If you as well don't understand the inside & outside & essentially the "world" of that certain product ... to the degree that you don't own the product yourself or at the least, haven't even put the product through a test trial yourself, how do you conjure that you can even successfully sell/market the product?"

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"Todays economy is literally reflected to the job market & as well, how to manage your company within that "certain" market ... figuring out the niches that fit to your specific market, is what will bring you as an individual success and or your company success. You NEED to KNOW your demographic & base everything from this perception."

#MrDelyric #Delyric #Klickjam #MollyVodka

The difference between me & you? I see myself as a millionaire in 5 months, a billionaire in a year & taking over the world in the process.

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