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Scottsdale, AZ
"(President) of the Delyric Brand/Delyric Ent, Delyric Oracle, (Alexandra de Scheel) CEO-Founder. Slogan: (Making the underdog the TOP DOG). 22+ Years in business/music entertainment. Branding/marketing/sales expert. Social Media: @Delyric Owner: @Klickjam @MollyVodka "
MollyVodka Directing Film East Voice Acting Acting West GOAT 💯 🔥 🏆 🐉 🐐 Faith Support Dragon Energy Sponsor Fame Ecommerce Consulting Vevo Music Videos Media Viral Studio Time Delyric Ent The CEO President CEO Djayy Charliee Delyric Brand Delyric Entertainment Team Klick Jam Respect Loyalty GOD Delyric Oracle IMBD Verified Wikipedia Google Artist development Research SEO Global Blogs Publicity PR Public figure Sales Distribution Booking Venue Event Arizona Current Label Degree Mogul Guru Established Profit Platform Sponsorship Plug Networking Celebrity Placement Social media Invest Delyric Studio Branding Promotion Marketing Family West Coast Youtube Instagram Facebook New York Hiphop Production Movies Love Entrepreneur Business Tour Music Artist Development Producer

I'm on the phone with my best friend, he's a Chief Warrant Officer.

He said all this hype is bullshit. And we will be fine. Just listen to what they put out on official news.

Official stay at home ordered in Arizona.

Wait, so you're telling me, you haven't signed up for Klickjam yet?!? You must be joking... Get on this now!

I get to face time with my daughter tomorrow, and on her Birthday to sing Happy Birthday with her 😍😍😍

@Alexandra De Scheel 's
(Delyric Oracle's) Birthday tomorrow.

Why does this look exactly like the game Plague Inc. ?
Absolutely creeped out right now!

Come join the future

"I'm going to give you the best advice you will ever get in the music/entertainment industry/business industry. BUILD A BUDGET! Stop with the handouts! INVESTING is everything! Stop also with the penny pushing marketing! 8$ here there, NO, SAVE your funding! Push yourself, drive yourself, network! If you keep doing the opposite of this, your value is shot down the drain! As a artist/creative person/influencer etc... YOU are a PRODUCT! Well, what does a product have to be to be successful? VALUED!"


"This virus is making us realize how small we are again.

And that's a good thing. Minds & concepts will change, we will evolve now into something better, one will hope."


FUCK Nancy Pelosi!!!

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