Paul Mash

Hokes Bluff, AL
"I interview musicians of all genres for my music show Paul Mash TV. Check me out on facebook at Staff member of klickjam. "

Hello Family. Hope all is well. I should be having an interview soon. Thanks for all my fans watching, sharing, and giving me feedback on my interviews. It means a lot. I'm always here to chat with or make appointments with you. You guys rule! Talk to you soon.

hello Klickjam, family. Hope everyone has a great day. New interviews soon.

Hello Klickjam family. Hope everypne is having a great day. I know i am. I'm with an awesome group of people here in the klickjam family. Thanks for all you do for me. :)

hello klickjam family. Hope everyone has a great day today. Happy to hear the positive feedback from my interview with Th3rd 3y3 yesterday as well. more to come soon.

here's Episode 130 of Paul Mash TV. I interview Th3rd 3y3 from San Antonio,Texas. Hope you enjoy.

Hello Klickjam family. Hope everyone has a great day today.

My interview has been cancelled unfortunately. Habitat was the interview, but he could not access the program i use on his phone. Hopefully soon i'll get a new one.

Hello everyone. Have an interview later today, so i know you all will be excited about it.

on season 1 finale of Paul TV, i interview Mental Thunder, Sandra Rasmussen, and Joe Yeoman. Hope you enjoy.

on Episode 7 of Paul TV, i had an interview with Sami Cooke, Steve Rowe of Christian Death Metal band Mortification, and Marc Kenney. Hope you enjoy.

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