Paul Mash

Hokes Bluff, AL
"I interview musicians of all genres for my music show Paul Mash TV. Check me out on facebook at Staff member of klickjam. "

here's Episode 130 of Paul Mash TV. I interview Th3rd 3y3 from San Antonio,Texas. Hope you enjoy.

on season 1 finale of Paul TV, i interview Mental Thunder, Sandra Rasmussen, and Joe Yeoman. Hope you enjoy.

on Episode 7 of Paul TV, i had an interview with Sami Cooke, Steve Rowe of Christian Death Metal band Mortification, and Marc Kenney. Hope you enjoy.

Another classic episode of Paul TV Episode 6 containing Jack Davison of Halfway Homebuoy,The Sign, and Zerena Lupo. Hope you enjoy.

Episode 5 of Paul TV has George Davies, Connie Anderson, and Jessica Lynn. Hope you enjoy.

Kooyeh,Viki Mealings, and Southern Push are my interviews for Episode 4.

Craig Lee Smith,Benny Garland, and Mel Robertson are my guests on Episode 3 of Paul TV.

Episode 2 has 2Steel Girls,Double Wide Debris, and Kate Falcon

after a few episodes of Ben TV, Ben put the show on hiatus and since i had several interviews stored in my hard drive at the time, i created a spin off show called Paul TV, which had 3 interviews per show with songs after each interview. some i even recorded live from my end. here is Episode 1. I interview Joe Osorio, George Smilovici, and Jake Gilroy from the band Forever Road.

over 6 years ago, i started my journey interviewing musicians on an Australian music show called Ben TV. The first interview i did that aired on the show was my interview with Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, The Drummer for Weird Al Yankovic. Enclosed is that interview. forgive me for the first few seconds as i was nervous, but I was really honored to interview one of my idols. Enjoy.

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