Paul Mash

Hokes Bluff, AL
"I interview musicians for my music show Paul Mash TV. Staff Member of Klickjam. "

hard to believe i have been a part of Klickjam for 2 years now. Thanks for supporting Paul Mash TV these couple of years.

From West Haven,Connecticut, I interview Millie Millz on Episode 444.

Episode 443 is here, and from Elkhart,Kansas, I interview Mark Espinoza. Check it out.

Episode 442 is here, and from Halesowen, United Kingdom, I interview The Harmonic Four. Check it out.

Here's Episode 441, and from Nashville, Tennessee, I interview Adrienne Haupt. Check it out.

Episode 440 is here, and from Gosnell,Arkansas, I interview Riey Hipps. Check it out.

From Lake City,Florida, I interview Scotty Lee Williams,on Episode 439. Check it out.

From Jackson, Mississippi, I interview Drevo Coolidge. Check it out.

On episode 437,I interview Whiskey Crossing from Vernon,New Jersey. Check it out.

From Jasper, Indiana, I interview The Hare Trigga for the 2nd time. He;s updating us on what he;s been up to. Check it out.

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