Paul Mash

Hokes Bluff, AL
"I interview musicians for my music show Paul Mash TV. Staff Member of Klickjam. "

hello Klickjam Family. Sorry for my absence these last couple of days. Been a little busy, As you saw from my previous post, i have a new interview. I hope you enjoy. Talk to you soon.

Episode 253 is here and from Johor Bahru,Singapore, I interview Keith Spinney. Check it out.

Hello Klickjam family. Hope all is well today. Having a dry spell on interviews but should be getting new shows soon. I'll keep you informed. Talk to you soon.

Hello all. Forgot to check in earlier. anyway new interviews soon. Almost done with what i can do on the Paper Chasin' Tour. 11 artists so far so i have interviewed half. Thanks for all the feedback and responses. you guys rock :)

Episode 252 is here and from Los Angeles,California, I interview Rob Moss. Check it out.

Lo'z.Art from Chicago, Ilinois is my interview on episode 251. Check it out.

Belvy from Lynwood,Illinois is my guest on Episode 250. Check it out.

Hello Klickjam family. Interview ddn;t happen but there should be one or 2 this week. I'll keep you posted as usual. Talk to you soon.

Hello Klickjam family. Hope you are doing well. Supposed to have a new interview later today but we;ll see. It will be episode 250. Hard to believe i'm almost at 250 Episodes. Quite a ride. Talk to you all soon.

Episode 249 is here and i interview Angela E. from Georgetown, Texas. Check it out.

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