Paul Mash

Hokes Bluff, AL
"I interview musicians for my music show Paul Mash TV. Staff Member of Klickjam. "

From Gallantin, Tennessee, I interview Dustin Spears on Episode 482. Check it out.

on Episode 481, I interview The Enemy Line, from Mason,Michigan. Check it out. we are now in HD.

here is Episode 480, and From Schenectady, New York, I interview 3eality. Check it out.

Here's Paul Mash Show Episode 11, and from Toronto, Canada, I interview Dr. Stevil, a Dr. Evil Tribute. Check it out.

Here's Episode 479. and from Malaysia, I interview Heerraa. Check it out.

on Episode 10 of The Paul Mash Show, I interview Tiom Beasley. tribute of over 100 musicians, Actors, etc. Check it out.

on Episode 478, I interview Corey Stevenson from Greenville, South Carolina. Check it out.

From Lexington,Kentucky, I interview Robert Eskridge on Episode 477. Check it out.

from Olympia, Washington, I interview Michael Walter. He is a Don Rickles Tribute. Check it out.

Happy new year from Paul Mash TV.

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