Paul Mash

Hokes Bluff, AL
"I interview musicians for my music show Paul Mash TV. Staff Member of Klickjam. "

Episode 339 is here. And i interview Tiara B from Tampa, Florida. Check it out.

Here's Episode 338. Jessee B of Chicago,Illinois. Hope you enjoy.

Time for Episode 337. Evan from Clayville,New York, is my guest this time. Check it out.

Episode 336 is here, and from Melbourne,Australia, I interview Studeo for the 2nd time. They are giving us updates on what they have been up to since they were on last time. Check it out.

Episode 335 is now available. And for the 3rd time, from Ottowa,Ontario,Canada, I interview Sabrina Fallah. She updating us on what she;s been up to. Check it out.

here's episode 334. From The Bronx,New York, I interview Chuck Platinum. Check it out.

Episode 333 is available, and from Seattle, Washington, I interview YoungMaj1c. Check it out.

Episode 332 is here. And from Tampa, Florida, I interview Tommy Burnz. Check it out.

New episode. Episode 331. This time from New York City,New York, I interview U Dis. Check it out.

Here's Episode 330, and from Miami, Florida, I interview Jeffrey Lauriston. Check it out.

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