Rick Octavio

Austin, TX
"Rick Octavio is an American musician/songwriter. His music is influenced by the 60's British Rock, Blues, contemporary Christian and alternative music genres."
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Rick Octavio - World of Dreams (music video)

I released a new track "Don't You Know I Love You" on Soundcloud this week. https://soundcloud.com/rickyricksmusic/dont-you-know-i-love-you

Hi KJ friends. Check out my tracks on Soundcloud. I currenty received 147,000 plays https://soundcloud.com/rickyricksmusic

Hi KJ friends. Check out my Spotify playlist - Rickyricksmusic GOOD VIBES https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4QboMrttEpLvUiXbxA1NGr?si=cG2wIQvXSxy3BbM7eNWdnQ … #NowPlaying

Hi KJ friends. Check out my Pinterest RICKS MUSIC page.

I released my single "You're Breaking My Heart" on SC this year and received 23.3K plays.

Hi KJ friends. I just release a video on my song "Flavors of Life". This is an instrumental song of the (sounds) flavors of life as one travels through a busy airport. Check it out video www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gdcxuEo7hA

Check out my music page on Pinterest

Hi KJ friends. I released my song "Run Towards the Light".last year. The song is about a young couple trying to leave the world they live in for a better life.
Check it out ...... thanks

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