Audio engineer Pete Rodriguez has captured the essence of purity in his craft. Drawing in attention from his quality and consistency. Bringing Quality sound to your front door while also working out of Omina studio in Sacramento CA , and various studios where his face card is approved . Combined with transforming into a β€œmobile” audio engineer has set him apart from other engineers. Pete has begun a process with his managment for communication with leads and clients that has kept his loyalty strong between the people he works with . Personality plays a big role in customer service and so far everyone Pete comes in contact with can adapt to his outgoing and humble attitude. With his veteran experience level Pete is able to bring whatever you would like to hear alive . Offering a sample mix of songs before hand gives any client that has not worked with Pete the understanding of his skill set. Reaching pete is fairly easy, through managment or directly in his e mail
Most recently pete has gained sponsors from Watermelon Music and collaboration with Hip-Hop Tv which have kept him actively in front of visual production . Taking the open time slots on Pete calendar has been harder than normal with him being book as often as he has been . However planing down the line is what keeps pete constantly in the clients favor . Marketing material and content on Pete Rodriguez is always available upon request.

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