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Happy Friday, everyone! Thought I'd share a hot one from Greta Van Fleet. The ROCK REVIVAL is here!!! 👍

One of the COOLEST covers of the Toto classic that we all know and love!  Turn your speakers up!!!! 👍

Check out the talented Jon Santos' piano cover of this classic rock Whitesnake ballad. AMAZING WORK!!  

KMFDM recently dropped their newest album "Hell Yeah" on the world, and it's amazing from start to finish. Can't get enough of the title track. Check it out here!

One of my favorite melodic death metal bands, Arch Enemy is ready to drop another sonic bomb on the world with their upcoming album "The World Is Yours," on September 8th.  Check out their cool new video for the title single!  

It's no secret that Retrowave is making a HUGE splash!  Check out this video which has racked up 6 million YouTube views, so far!  The 80s never went away.  It was just asleep for a while 👍

In response to an unacceptable number of rapes and sexual assaults, next year's Bråvalla Festival will refuse entry to men.   The report came after a proposition from Swedish comedian/radio personality Emma Knyckare, who suggested it to the festival's organizers.  She has publicly stated that she'll put together a "solid group of talented organisers and project leaders," and that plans were close to underway.  What do YOU think of this report?  Bigotry towards men, or a solid case?  

You don't need to be on "the drugs" as your mom says, in order to appreciate this loud, powerful progressive Psy-Trance mix!  Turn it up LOUD!  👌

Remember this classic rock staple from way back in Lemmy's early days?  Long live Hawkwind! 👍

If this video doesn't sum up what music is all about, then I don't know what will.  Watch straight through from beginning to end and learn the meaning of the word "inspiration."

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