Mike C

San Bernardino, California
"My name is Mike C and I am The CEO of Miracle West Entertainment Inc. I also am The CEO for The IE's Best Kept Secret Underground Radio station. I have been in The Music industry for 20 plus years. "
Inland Empire

Make sure yall like and share the Hot New Video "by my nephew "Patient Picasso". He in Fiiiyyyaaahhh!!!

Everyone make sure you Tap in with my Nephew "Paient Picasso" he on FIIIYYYAAAHHH!!!

Mike C's 1st Annual Rip It Up Sumner Festival will be the BIGGEST show this summer. Tap in Klickjamners if you tryin to Rip it up this Summer with me....

Me and Immortal Technique backstage at Kushstock 7.0. Shit was Lit.

Kushstocj 7.0 was a HUGE success.. Its so wonderful to see what the culture has to offer the patients and cannibas enthusiasts from around the world.

Please help spread the message about the Organic Sour Sop tea...

Good Morning to all the klickjammers from around the globe. Where iver here klickjammin in California..

Kushstock7.0 is about the people and for the people... It was a Huge Success.

Kushstock7.0 Is aboutt the people and for the people..

We are anticipating the largest crowd ever at this years Kushstock. 50,000 plus this year. So make sure you come out and see what the culture has to offer. #kushstock2019 #klickjamfans

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