Mike C

San Bernardino, California
"My name is Mike C and I am The CEO of Miracle West Entertainment Inc. I also am The CEO for The IE's Best Kept Secret Underground Radio station. I have been in The Music industry for 20 plus years. "
Inland Empire

Its 2020 Klickjammers and there's slot going on. Make sure you share the site to the world.. Let's get it... CHEAH!!!

Can't wait to do more promos for klickjam… Love this promo and I have so many more ideas to share... Great Production by me and my crew... "When we jam, We jam with Klickjam… Ya Heard!!

When we jam, We jam with Klickjam!!! The Best Promo video ever!!

Mike C Gonna Get it Music Video... Please Like, Share and subscribe..

Make sure yall like and share the Hot New Video "by my nephew "Patient Picasso". He in Fiiiyyyaaahhh!!!

When We Jam We Jam With Klickjam...

My Hot New video "Gonna Get It" Premiered today. Please help me share it to all the klick jammers. Thanks in advance... Mike C

Video dropping soon....

I really had fun doing this promo for klickjam... Cant wait to do the next one... So many great ideas to share...

Cant wait to do more promos for Klickjam... Love this Promo.. Great Creativity. By me and my crew.

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