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"Here to get my daughter's music heard. Hope you like!"

My girl finally made a video for one of her songs!! Feedback is appreciated

On Jan. 14Th I posted we were busy with things for my kid. Unfortunately, 2 days after I posted, our friend passed away while holding Ro's hand. He is at peace & I truly believe he was watching over my daughter Jan. 21St. while her friends rushed her to Marymount hospital after not being able to wake her up. My child has experienced death for herself & I thank God, her friends & the team of doctors and nurses who were able to give her back to me. It wasn't her time, and I know she has several guardian angels with her. 
As we get back to normal, she has changed so much, but one thing she is more determined to do is suceed with her music. 
She has also learned trusting the wrong people could cost you your life. 
Please, if you're out, and drinking...DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING YOU DIDN'T OPEN OR SEE A BARTENDER OPEN. My kid made a mistake & it almost took her away from us. Putting Antifreeze in someone's DRINK is not a joke...should your victim's murder. If they's attempted murder. Don't trust leaving your drink anywhere  because you never know who is waiting to cause harm or worse. 
I apologize for the lengthy rant, but I wanted to let you know why we haven't been here for so long. Thanks for reading. God bless...oh, and I'm gonna post a new song she wrote today💖

Hey Jammers my apologies for going AWOL but been a busy few days. Got things in the works for my kid & her friend... hopefully a video coming soon

Good morning Jammers!

That should fix it! "I'm What A Nigga Needs" by RoBandzz (my daughter)

My daughter has 2 new songs that I will share as soon as I figure out how to get them to upload correctly 😬

I'm also working with my daughter's best friend JMarie...give her a listen & some feedback

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