Virgil Lindsey (Saint Villo DeVille)

"My music is the sound track to real life. My words paint vivid pictures that tell the story of a misunderstood over achiever. The progression of my projects parallels the bi-polar life that I live."
Writer Trendsetter Leader Gospel Urban Live Performer

Queen Love and Saint Villo DeVille are Team Get Money

The Elite Power Couple

I am performing my Christmas Song at a party in Atlanta GA.

You will never see a live show that can compare to the experience that I give to my crowds.

Saint Villo DeVille will be performing at The SWEET AURBUN FEASTVIAL 2018 in Atlanta GA. (Google) Saint Villo DeVille. His music is everywhere...

D Boy Music Atlanta is my Label. Mr. V's Distributions LLC is my distributor.

Musical Genius Trend setter Urban Live Performing Writer
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