"Call Me YBAKIDD Young Badd Ass Kid meaning I was a bad kid when I was young. I lost my oldest brother in a drive by shooting when I was 13 then I just lost my granny she was sick so I do it for them."

Switching Lanes They Can't Guard Me YBA Ballin Kobe‼️💰 #RIPMANGO #RIPGRANNY

Switching Lanes They Can't Guard Me Aye!!!!!!!! #YBAKIDD‼️

YBAKIDD-Fact ComingSoon‼️🎤💯 I Love The Support KlickJam‼️ YBAKIDD‼️

Hitting The Road Tonight Or Tomorrow🚚💯 #Atlanta‼️

They Say YBAKIDD The Truth‼️🎤 Rock The Stage‼️💰🎤

YBAKIDD Ft JReckless-FakE Love Coming Soon‼️🔥🎤💯 Tune In‼️🔥

YBAKiDD Ft LeeLoYBA-Ballin Like Coming Soon‼️🎤⛽️💯 #RIPMANGO #RIPGRANNY

Balling Hard Like Kobe Working Hard No Patience Getting Money On Daily✍🏼💰🎤‼️ #RIPMANGO #RIPGRANNY

youtu.be/0Cv1-UalIUg YBAKIDD Ft JRECKLESS-Way Up Out Now🔥‼️ Subscribe Me‼️


11836 W Florissant 63033 St.Louis Go Be Live‼️ Come Support YBAKIDD ‼️🎤

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