LARRY KAY__young Sultan

"Young prodigy"
sing and rap musician poet innovator motivator a writer
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Listen to Larry Kay Pipe It Up by Larry Kay thr young sultan#np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Larry Kay_ Run It.A great life changing hiphop by the young sultan, on SoundCloud

"The greatest fear of our life us taking the risks that would portray us as odd.
It is human nature, but you have to be human enough that we can't accept to wait for time. No time is rightfully ours,you've got to run it.Take charge of your situations and run it,because you've got life."
Larry Kay

Listen to Word To The Hood (Mixed By Boi Weezy).mp3 by Azalekor Selasi #np on #SoundCloud

New motivational tune
Listen to Alright_(Mixed By Boi Weezy).mp3 by Azalekor Selasi #np on #SoundCloud

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