"countrygirl from louisiana artist manager at Makaboy ENT"

Happy Friday Sha baby enjoy your weekend 💃

Happy Monday to you ladies and gentlemen

It's Friday yep you made it have a good weekend

Enjoy your holiday weekend be safe
I'm ready fo some Bobbie Q (BBQ)😂😂🤦

That bag hit different when you consistent

Slow progress better than no progress stay focused MikeB and I preciate y'all ta the fullest 💯😘

Happy Sunday Funday 😘

I told MikeB your gonna be one of the greatest ever don't ever quit we gone win here we are 15years later💯 MikeB your next favorite rapper #tbt #mysonthehottestrapper😘

Always go for what you know shit don't never happen if you don't 💯😘

Letem sleep while you work 😂

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