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Mercado Libre Buys Bitcoin 💰
An eCommerce giant dubbed "the Amazon of Latin America" has invested $7.8 million into Bitcoin. Mercado Libre now rubs shoulders with a small number of publicly listed companies who have added Bitcoin to their balance sheets. We don’t know exactly how much crypto the business purchased… or how much they paid for it. What this means.

PayPal REALLY Loves Crypto 🔥
PayPal has unveiled the strongest Q1 results in its history — with CEO Dan Schulman also praising "great results" from its crypto service. He revealed 50% of customers expect to use digital assets in the future, and half of those who have bought crypto now log into its app at least once a day. The company’s revenues rose 31% to $6 billion. Here’s the latest.

U.S. Taxman Wins Court Ruling 🇺🇸
The Internal Revenue Service has been given permission to seek information about American taxpayers who used the Kraken exchange to complete at least $20,000 of crypto transactions from 2016 to 2020. The "John Doe summons" aims to uncover those who may be trying to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. There’s no suggestion of wrongdoing on Kraken’s part. Read more here.

DOGE ‘Will Be Worth $1’ 👀
Billionaire Dogecoin enthusiast Mark Cuban has said he believes this joke cryptocurrency will be worth $1 one day. He’s even predicted that DOGE could resemble a stablecoin after this. Speaking at the Ethereal Virtual Summit, Cuban was quoted by Decrypt as saying: "Over the long haul, I think it might peg itself at $1, that's my guess. But it's only a guess."


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