here's Episode 580, and from San Diego, California, I interview Jay Staxx. Check it out.

Bitcoin Struggles to Retake $40,000 👀

It seems that Bitcoin's time over $40,000 has been rather short-lived. The world's biggest cryptocurrency has tumbled to lows of $37,293.87 over the past 24 hours. This dip may have been triggered by the Federal Reserve, which has suggested it might start to increase interest rates from their COVID-induced lows sooner than previously planned.

2.3M Britons Now Own Crypto 🇬🇧

Figures from a U.K. regulator show 2.3 million Britons now own cryptocurrencies — 400,000 more than last year. Despite this, understanding of how digital assets work appears to have fallen. The surge follows an extraordinary bull run for Bitcoin, and 53% of those polled by the Financial Conduct Authority said they've had a good experience investing so far.

Mark Cuban Calls for Regulation 🚨

Billionaire Mark Cuban has called for stablecoins to be more regulated after getting caught up in the spectacular collapse of a token called Titanium. TITAN fell from $52.46 to $0.00000006 in a 24-hour period, practically losing 100% of its value. "Even though I got rugged on this, it's really on me for being lazy," the Dallas Mavericks owner said.

NASCAR Driver's Crypto Payday 🏎

A NASCAR driver is going to be paid entirely in cryptocurrency for the very first time as part of a sponsorship deal. Landon Cassill's announcement came as it emerged that he has been sponsored by Voyager, a crypto brokerage firm, for 19 races. But rather than plumping for Bitcoin or Ether, he's mainly going to get compensated in Litecoin.

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Episode 579 is here, and from Raleigh, North Carolina, I interview Xavier. Check it out.

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