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My name is Kerry T Burford Jr, a 39 yr old half black/puertorican REDHEAD w/freckles, father of four children and accepted by many as a father figure. I am a “HOOD” ACTIVIST for the community. I have made many mistakes in my trials n tribulations, due to irrational decision making on my part or situations not of my control, at this game called LIFE. One thing for sure is that no matter how many times I fell down I got right back up, dusted the dirt and negativity off, and tackled life once more. Life is about GROWTH and making mistakes and learning from them; not repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results but always end with the same results as before (INSANITY). I don’t regret my past nor would I change a thing for it is what has made me the strong and caring MAN/FATHER I am today. Today’s troubled youth, men and women are succumbed to all the negative hype provide by tv, radio, and LOST SHEEP! The youth feel WE as a society have let them down for in their minds there is no hope for the future when in fact there is tremendous hope for the youth and future as long as we still have positive activists as myself and others as such. Today’s youth lack the sense of LOVE, SUPPORT, FAMILY, TRUE FRIENDSHIP, LOYALTY, HONOR, and most important of all RESPECT!!! It is not their fault for they are young and learning so it is only natural that they follow what they THINK is right and what makes them happy. We as a SOCIETY have failed our youth but it is never too late for “WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY!!!”

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