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I have loved #Sperrys since I can remember. My father Kirk Young had the originals before there was everything available currently. I got my first pair when I was 15 years old. They also were the classic leather backs. Currently, I have a pair of the classics & the #TopSiders (grey, blue & white). For Christmas I will being getting the #Prep mens edition because I absolutely love them! I literally can say I walk in my fathers shoes, footsteps. Also, since I was kid, he taught me how to be really good in sales, in which I do now including marketing & branding. I have been in the music/entertainment industry for over 22 years & my Sperrys take me to every event, convention, VIP party, etc! My wife Alexandra De Scheel is also actually the Hiphop mogul (Delyric Oracle), she loves that I wear Sperrys. To the Sperrys tradition, I was definitely born with a strong love for the sea. My late Grandfather who was a WW2 Hero who I miss dearly & my father would always have me at the marinas wither we were about to set sail or, go on a fishing boat to catch delicious rock fish in which, we would bring home for my mother Donna Young to cook a delicious home cooked meal. She also would always love the fact I would wear Sperrys. There are so many life stories I could share from being on the beaches of Ocean City, MD where I grew up each summer on family vacations to climbing rocks to view a famous historical lighthouse in the UP of Michigan, to being in the US Navy 03-07 aboard the USS Enterprise, to where Sperrys were with me each step of the way. #Sperry, what makes me #SperryMerry is a very strong yet simple answer & that is my #FAMILY season round. Family is everything to me during the holidays. I wear Sperrys because I was never with the trends such as Nikes etc. Not only do they go with me everywhere I travel in this world, but, they go with me to remember the fond moments, cherished memories throughout life & with my family.

Merry Christmas,
-Adam Young
@Sperry, @Sperrys, @Sperry Sailing

Hello everyone. Hope your day is great.

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