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For years, the world of music has been crying out for a platform designed specifically for them. A place where they can organize their bio, links and music media under one unified system.
The wait is over. Welcome to Klickjam!

Klickjam is the world's first platform designed specifically to unite the entire world of music. Members can achieve a level of visibility never before seen in the world of music. We give every single member the power to forge their own destiny and achieve their musical goals by making it so much easier to find, and be found by collaborators.

It all starts with the map

As a musician, you want exposure. You want to be seen. What better way than by putting yourself out there in an environment concentrated directly on people who make and love music as much as you do? Our map search allows you to make yourself visible to anyone who might be interested in collaborating with you. Bands can find replacement musicians. Musicians can find their first band. Students and music teachers can find each other.

Bands can find producers. Producers can advertise their services. Record labels and talent scouts can search a diverse catalog of musicians to sign and turn into the next big stars. The possibilities are endless! If you're concerned about privacy, simply dial back a bit of info on your profile and our map search will accommodate your choices. You can be as generalized or as specific with your searchable location as you wish!

Klickjam interactive map
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How does Klickjam differ from Facebook or Twitter?

Simple. Musicians who use Facebook and Twitter face a massive uphill battle to be seen. Remember that both platforms cater to every walk of life and every demographic in the world. Music is just one part of it.

Klickjam is a platform concentrated specifically on those who make music. That's the difference! By using Klickjam, musicians, professionals and companies are searching a centralized target audience with a much, much higher chance of visibility. We don't want members to neglect Facebook or Twitter, though. In fact, we encourage you to link these two directly to your Klickjam account and take advantage of their potential.

I already have a Soundcloud / YouTube / MixCloud / Bandcamp account. Why Klickjam?

Great! Not only do we encourage this, but we actively support all these platforms as well. Each one focuses on a specific corner of the music world, and specializes in a particular function.

Klickjam differs in its approach by giving users an entirely different kind of experience. That's why we invite you to link your media directly to your Klickjam account and enjoy all the benefits of these wonderful platforms in one centralized location. Having this content linked to your Klickjam account equals a virtual audition without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Think of the exposure and the possibilities!

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Anyone is welcome

We don't care if you've only played guitar for a single day, or if you've been playing for 40 years. We don't care if nobody knows who you are, or if you're a huge music star. At Klickjam, everyone is welcome to make a profile and expand their musical horizons on an infinite level.

Klickjam is about unity, harmony, and most importantly, family. It's time to build each other up, encourage each other and inspire all generations and age groups to create terrific music for an entirely new period in music history.

The future of Klickjam

We're giving the music world something it has wanted for years, but that doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels! We have some truly epic developments in store for Klickjam, and we're excited at what we're going to unveil in the coming months.

We invite you to Sign Up today and join us in uniting the entire world of music for an entirely new and exciting digital age!